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Motivational Speaker - Health and Humor 
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Motivational Speaker - Health and Humor
"Laugh to Good Health!"

Sally Edwards is a Motivational Speaker,Humorist and Comedic Author who knows the value of laughter.
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If you're looking for funny and intelligent humor for your next event - Sally Edwards is your answer!  Witty, fun and energetic, Sally Edwards will have you laughing to tears.  Is laughter the best medicine? Yes!  Contact Sally now! 

Dear Sally, 

We truly enjoyed your performance at Growth From The Inside Out Conference.  All of the comments from the participants were positive.  In fact, many commented it was their favorite part of the day!  We look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Arlene Caspar
"Laugh Your Way to Good Health" with Sally Edwards!  Ideal for women's health events!
Laughter has so many positive physical benefits!  Learn about these benefits and enjoy the hilarious family humor.  Motivational Speaker and Humorist Sally Edwards will not only inform you of the benefits of a laughter-filled day but she'll contribute to the cause through funny stories about love, life, work and home.  Not to be missed!  Contact us today!
Sally Edwards